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Paula Wright – Head of Department, Telemarketing (Business Development Team)


1. Career history before Reich

Prior to Reich, I worked at a Brokers in Cheshire for 14 years.

I started my career with them as a Receptionist, moving into the Telemarketing department, where I was responsible for making appointments for the consultants.

2. Why did you choose to work for Reich?

After 14 years I felt I was ready for a change and decided I wanted to work somewhere that felt like home.

Reich ticked all the boxes for me.

3. Your career within Reich

Having only been at Reich a little over a year, I feel my career is still in its infancy, however we have started to quickly grow the Telemarketing Team, which is a really positive sign for both myself and Reich.

Our team plays a critical role in helping the Business Development team (and wider Group) to target new opportunities and to win new business, assisting each team in delivering on their individual targets.

4. What’s the best thing about working for Reich?

The people, the brand and the loyalty - it’s always a pleasure to come to work.

It is very exciting looking at new business opportunities and seeing the company grow as a consequence.

Again, helping each business and the wider Group to achieve their targets on an annual basis really shows how we can assist every person in the company in achieving their goals.

5. Where do you see your future within Reich?

I can see Reich continually growing and becoming even more successful in the future, which is a positive sign for the Group.

There are exciting times ahead for Reich as it continues to grow, and being part of that is a fantastic feeling.

Our core values

We want to be a great place to work where, as part of the Reich family, our employees feel motivated to be the best they can be.