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Martin Honeysett – Deputy Head of Finance


1. Career history before Reich

My career within the insurance industry started in 2007; I worked as an Accounts Assistant for Jim Kelly Insurance Brokers in Blackpool. It was a small firm and I was solely responsible for all client money actions. This gave me a wealth of knowledge within the industry and was very much a “learning on the job” role. In 2011 I moved to the largest insurance broker on the Fylde Coast, BP Insurance Brokers. There I was the Senior Accounts Assistant within a small accounting team, again responsible for the client accounts within the brokerage. Then in March 2016 I made the move to Reich as Deputy Head of Finance.

2. Why did I choose to work at Reich?

As Blackpool relies heavily on the tourist industry and already working for the largest broker within the area, I had to look further afield to progress my career. With Reich being one of the largest independent brokers in the country, a career with Reich was extremely appealing. Reich is a company which strives to be the best, is constantly growing, very professional and well known within the industry.

3. My career within Reich

As far as I am concerned my career has only just begun within Reich - starting in early 2016 I feel I have been accepted into the company. Even though I have only been with Reich for a short time, I have already gained valuable experience that I would not have been able to experience in other brokers. Reich encourages personal development and has already invested in my learning.

4. What’s the best thing about working for Reich?

Loyalty. Reich is and always will be very loyal to their employees, which to me is very important. With the history of Reich and the way the company continues to grow and develop, you feel as though you’re growing alongside Reich whilst developing your own career.

5. Where do you see your future within Reich?

As Reich is encouraging growth, I can see that the future will hold more opportunities to develop and progress my career within the company. I will continue to learn new skills and broaden my knowledge of the insurance industry, which can only lead to providing a better service for our clients and improve working relationships with our insurers.

Our core values

We want to be a great place to work where, as part of the Reich family, our employees feel motivated to be the best they can be.