The Internet of Things: Connect Cities.



The concept of a connected or smart city, takes the Internet of Things (IoT) innovation and technologies and applies them to urban needs.

So, in practical terms, what does this mean and how would this change things?

As I drive up to the junction, the traffic lights automatically change to green and I sail through. As I approach my usual car park, the sign says “Full”. I follow the illuminated arrows until I arrive at the closest car park with space available.

The barrier opens and I am directed to an empty bay. As I turn off the engine, my phone pings to confirm my ticket.

I exit the car park on foot and head for the bus stop. It is deserted, as I arrive, a sign lights up, welcomes me and displays the waiting time until the bus arrives. Luckily only 4 minutes.

Whilst I wait, I plug in my phone to grab some charge, as I am only on 10% battery.

I board the driverless bus and my phone pings again. Bus ticket this time.

During the journey I turn on the lights and coffee machine in my office and check the temperature.

The bus drops me right outside, a quick finger scan and I am in the building. Same again and the lift takes me straight to my floor.

I put down my case, pour some coffee and settle down for the first task of the day.

This is just a small example of how such application could make huge changes to everyday lives; not just for business, but the people who keep businesses running day after day too.

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