Nick Symes on… Inflation in the property & construction sectors



For a substantial period we have seen low levels of inflation in the UK. In the property and construction sectors, inflation is caused by a combination of labour and material costs.

As we move into a period of great uncertainty with issues such as Brexit, future inflation is hard to predict.

If your property suffers major damage it can take a number of years to rebuild it. Aside from the initial cause investigations, plans need to be drawn up, planning permission sought and tenders obtained before there is a spade in the ground.

Even at 3% inflation, if it takes three years to rebuild the property, this is an inflationary increase of 9%, which may mean the Sum Insured is insufficient to cover the total cost. Insurers maximum liability is the Sum Insured.

At Reich we ensure our property policies are on a Day One basis, with automatic built-in cover for inflationary increases during the rebuilding period.

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