Reich has attained Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation



We are delighted and proud to be able to confirm that Reich has attained Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation.

Cyber Essentials is a Government-backed, industry-supported scheme that is designed to help to protect organisations against a whole range of cyber-attacks. There are two levels of certification:-

  • Cyber Essentials - a self-assessment, and relatively easy to get as you just answer a set of questions and certify yourself.
  • Cyber Essentials Plus – this has to be independently verified by a third party who test the security of the company’s network and perform a series of vulnerability scans. As a result, it’s much harder to get.

We have gained Cyber Essentials Plus certification by implementing a set of technical controls to build up our level of protection and ensure we have no ‘critical’ or ‘high’ vulnerabilities.

Cyber-attacks come in many shapes and sizes and are the digital equivalent of a thief trying your front door to see if it’s unlocked. Simulated attacks have taken place against our network to try and gain access to data and systems.

These have all been repelled as a result of the level of protection that we now have in place.

As a customer, supplier or partner of ours, you have the security of knowing that your data is as secure as it possibly can be. You are in safe hands with Reich.  

Tags: Cyber | Security