Insurance companies view Homes of Multiple Occupation (HMO) as high risk. This is due to the high number of unrelated residents, the potential for overcrowding and the use of shared facilities which can result in cooking in bedrooms etc.

It is therefore critical that when arranging insurance cover for your HMO, that a full disclosure of the facts is made.

At Reich we have been assisting our clients with these types of risks for years.

We have access to a number of superb facilities that provide comprehensive cover at very competitive premiums.

Our policies will cover you against:

  • The cost of reinstating the property in the event of loss or damage
  • Any loss of rent if the property is rendered unusable following an insured event
  • Or the cost of comparable alternative accommodation for your tenants whilst your property is repaired
  • Any claim against you as property owner for third party injury or damage. 

In addition, we can provide additional complimentary covers for the following:

  • Legal Expenses
  • Costs of repossessing your property
  • Tenants default
  • Directors and Officers Liability insurance 

We have a team of 18 property specialists who understand your business and will be available to assist you with any issues. These include but are not limited to:

  • Competitive premiums to ensure service charges are collected
  • Reassuring your Lessees regarding the scope of cover and price
  • Advising you on all aspects of the insurances to give you peace of mind

Our team provides an immediate personal service to ensure any issues are resolved to your complete satisfaction.

To access our exclusive facilities, contact one of our property specialists to get your no obligation quote.