Water Treatment

Our research tells us that most water treatment professionals have standard liability wordings in place. However, these often come with a specific exclusion for legionella and efficacy, which engineers and consultants aren’t aware of and don’t appreciate the effect these limitations have on their own exposure. This could leave many consultants at risk of being claimed against personally, should a claim arise.

Most UK Products Liability insurance policies contain some form of an exclusion clause that removes cover for some, or all, claims that happen because the policy holder’s ‘product’ (or completed work) failed to do its job (i.e. prevent Legionella). Another exclusion that policy holders need to look out for is a general exclusion in the policy that prevents claims for ‘gradual pollution’. You need to consider if this exclusion will apply to the gradual build up/contamination of a system with Legionella pneumophila and thereby mean a claim is not covered. This is why a specialist product is required for such a niche trade.

The policy can be tailored to include insurance products for engineers, consultants, and companies who mainly deal with legionella risk assessments and water testing; cleaning and chlorination; pre-commission; and specialised cleaning.


  • Tailored Insurance policy
  • Inefficacy cover
  • Legionellosis clause
  • Low excess
  • Insurers and broker that understand your industry
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