Car Insurance – 5 ways to protect your car from thieves



The last 5 years have seen the number of vehicles stolen in the UK per year increase by over 50%. With the rise of keyless entry and go systems, criminals have developed sophisticated methods of stealing vehicles more easily and quickly than ever before. 

What Car? magazine recently carried out a test using the same specialist technology operated by criminals, and found they were able to steal a Citroen DS 3 in 10 seconds, and a Land Rover Discovery Sport in 30 seconds.

Below we have listed 5 top tips you can use to protect your vehicle: 

  1. Fit a Tracker – A GPS (Thatcham Category 6/S7) Tracker can significantly increase the chance of a stolen vehicle being recovered. A Thatcham Category S5 Tracker, including immobiliser, can also reduce the risk of a vehicle being stolen in the first place. We have close relationships with vehicle security companies who provide the most sophisticated protection in the market, and also provide additional discounts for our clients.
  1. Keep your car keys as far away from the entry to your home as possible so that the signal is harder to pick up. You can also purchase a ‘Faraday’ pouch to keep your car key in; these are designed to block the signal so it cannot be picked up by thieves.
  1. Wherever possible, a vehicle with keyless entry and go should be parked in a garage if available. If that is not possible then a car cover can act as a deterrent and slow thieves down.
  1. Consider the use of a steering or wheel lock. While entry to the vehicle can still be gained and contents removed, the car is less likely to be stolen.
  1. Additional security measures at your property can act as a deterrent to thieves. This can be electric gates, security lights and visible CCTV cameras.

In addition to the above, it is important to ensure that, if the worst is to happen, you are properly insured with a good company who will deal with your claim effectively.  

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