How much will you lose if your planning application is refused?



Refusal of a planning application is a risk common to all developers. This is a burden carried by developers and their funders in respect of the costs associated with a refused planning application.

Now, for the first time, you can mitigate the cost associated with your application if planning permission is not granted. Every case is individually underwritten to take into account the unique circumstances of each development.

Abortive Planning Costs Insurance covers the costs if the planning is refused, which typically includes:

  • Preliminary site investigation
  • Planning Fees
  • Project management costs associated with the proposal, involving Planning Consultants, Architects, Highways Consultants, Ecological Consultants, Surveyors, Flood Risk Engineers, Landscape Architects, Acoustic Consultants, Land Contamination Consultants, Accountants
  • Legal Fees
  • LPA pre application fees
  • Costs associated with Market Research 
  • Appeal Costs 

As a developer, you can (in principal) protect against third party abortive planning costs. This could help you drive a better deal from your funding partners, increase your investors appetite, reduce your risk and drive creativity in your site selection, with the use of insurance.

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