If you keep digging, who knows what you’ll find…



If you keep digging, who knows what you’ll find…

The majority of developments we deal with within our Construction team involve some form of excavation. Developments tend to be either a conversion of a brownfield site, demolition of a brownfield site followed by new build, or a new build site on or near greenbelt.

All of these developments contain potential exposures and by not identifying or understanding environmental risks during the development of a site, you could end up facing unexpected costs, construction delays, remediation expenses, legal fees, or potentially injury to site workers – or in one recent case, uncovering the remains of a monarch - with the site then becoming ‘protected’.

Due to the complex nature of contamination, liability, clean-up and similar factors, expenses can quickly escalate for buyers, sellers, and developers. As a worst-case scenario, you could potentially even end up being forced to abandon a project altogether.

As the risks for environmental and professional damage are so high and so complex, you need advice from people who understand these risks, along with advice on how to deal with them. 

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