Protect your clients' fees and increase your workflow



Refusal of a planning application is a risk common to all developers. Protecting their investments will drive confidence, increase creativity, volumes and profits. 

By protecting all of the costs associated with planning, your clients will feel confident engaging with you earlier in the property life cycle and proceed on those sites which have been on the back burner.

Abortive Planning Costs Insurance covers the costs if the planning is refused, which typically includes:

  • Preliminary site investigation
  • Planning Fees
  • Project management costs associated with the proposal involving Planning Consultants, Architects, Highways Consultants, Ecological Consultants, Surveyors, Flood Risk Engineers, Landscape Architects, Acoustic Consultants, Land Contamination Consultants, Accountants
  • Legal Fees
  • LPA pre application fees
  • Costs associated with Market Research
  • Appeal Costs 

For more details and for advice on how you can give your clients certainty when it comes to planning applications, please contact us on:

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