Why your firm NEEDS to engage with a specialist insurance broker (1/4)



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Why your firm NEEDS to engage with a specialist insurance broker (1/4) - Saving time and cost 

Did you know that around 1 in 3 transactions require some form of legal indemnity insurance and 1 in 4 policies are ‘multi-risk’ policies i.e. where more than one insurance product is required? The portal enables you to combine up to 4 risks under a single quote/policy for ANY combination of risks - it’s entirely flexible regardless of the complexity of the title! 

It takes less than 60 seconds to obtain quotes on our portal, whether for a single risk or combining multiple risks – it’s that slick. Compared to having to arrange individual quotes/policies through any alternative, less flexible, online or self-issue service, the time and cost savings are compelling. 

On top of that, combining risks under a single quote/policy will bring considerable savings in premiums too. The more quotes/policies you arrange, the greater the savings!

If you are interested in working with Reich Legal Indemnities and would like to discuss your requirements further (or to arrange an on-site demonstration of the system), please visit: http://www.reichinsurance.co.uk/our-services/legal-indemnity/

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