Why your firm NEEDS to engage with a specialist insurance broker (3/4)



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Why your firm NEEDS to engage with a specialist insurance broker (3/4) - Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) 

TCF is a formal requirement laid down by the Financial Conduct Authority to ensure all financial services provided to consumers are delivered in a way that isn’t detrimental to the consumer – this includes provision of insurance. 

The portal gives you the opportunity to add value to your legal services and improve your client experience when arranging legal indemnity insurance, with no additional work; ‘Treating Customers Fairly’ by improving the insurance choice provided to your client - it really couldn’t be simpler. 

Reich have recently added a new ‘Consumer Quick Quote’ function to its site in response to increasing demand from consumers who have been unhappy with the lack of choice offered by their conveyancer, when being advised that insurance is necessary to complete a transaction. That consumer demand for more choice is only likely to increase.

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