Prestige vehicle thefts advice

July 14 2023 By Dave Fitton

Attention luxury vehicle owners: we recently wrote about the worrying trend in prestige vehicle thefts, since then the insurers we work with have been reporting rises in inner cities. One of our insurance providers Aviva has shared the following advice:

1). Always lock your car securely when you leave it, even for a short time, and keep your keys with you. Using a steering wheel lock for extra (visible) security could make a would-be thief pass over their vehicle for another.

2). Consider installing trackers and immobilisers. Products such as the Tracker S5 Plus, Ghost II, Scorpion X and NoGo are Thatcham-approved and highly recommended as they offer an extra layer of protection from key cloning and hacking.

3). Ensure your vehicle tracking device subscription is maintained - an overdue subscription could affect your motor insurance policy.

If you are concerned about your vehicle and would like to speak to one of our Private Clients team about your car, please get in touch.