Aircraft Title Insurance


From aircraft to helicopters of all sizes, we are able to offer an insurance solution for your specific needs.


Key Coverage

  • Fraud and Forgery
  • Unknown debts secured against either the aircraft, its engines or Propellers
  • Third parties claiming to have a better ownership right
  • Outstanding rates, taxes, charges and other levies which often affect aircraft
  • Invalid registration.


What is underwritten by Insurers?

  • The policy can cover aircraft or helicopters
  • Insures the aircraft body and/ or engines, rotors, propellers
  • Aircraft traded anywhere in the EU.


Key benefits to buyers and sellers

  • Wide range of legal ownership risks
  • Capacity is “A” rated
  • Policy insures the owner for as long as they own the aircraft
  • Owner and / or lender can be the insured.


Please also be aware that due to our close, long-term relationships with insurers, as an independent broker we are able to source products for even the most difficult transactions.

Finally, you can rest assured that when you deal with Reich Insurance, you will always benefit from our exceptional personal service, supported by an in-house claims service which we believe is second-to-none.

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