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Here are just a selection of examples of cyber-related claims we are currently seeing:

  • Fund Transfer Fraud. An Insured received an email from what appeared to be their client's email address, authorising payment to a third party. Regrettably it appears that the Insured’s email account had been hacked and as they had given no such authorisation, now holds the Insured liable for the loss.
  • Cyber Extortion. A member of the Insured’s staff has opened an email that appeared to be work-related. Unfortunately, the email contained malware which corrupted the Insured’s entire network, encrypting data and rendering the network useless, unless a substantial ransom demand was met. From the minute the network went down, the Insured suffered financial loss through business interruption / loss of trade.
  • Invoice Fraud. We’ve seen both complex versions of this and the opportunistic. The latter being a letter posted to an Insured purporting to be from a supplier advising of a change in bank details - credible in that it was on headed paper and was a genuine supplier to the Insured. The more sophisticated included phone numbers of new account managers who call the Insured to confirm the new bank details and request payment.
  • Data Loss. The Insured lost a laptop containing information on a number of clients. As a result, the Insured was held liable not only for the costs of notifying their customers, but ongoing costs in respect of ID/Credit monitoring and could potentially face prosecution under the Data Protection Act.
  • Banking Fraud. An Insured received a phone call from their bank. The Insured was sceptical at first, however gained comfort from the fact that this person could list a number of recent banking transactions and a list of the Insured’s direct debits. Over the course of the conversation the Insured disclosed information that allowed this individual to access the account and transfer a large amount of money.  
  • Traditional Theft. The property Insurers of this policyholder declined to indemnify a theft of valuable scrap metal. Their justification being that there must have been collusion, as CCTV clearly showed that the thieves knew exactly where the high value metal was stored – a location some 15 square feet in an area the size of three football pitches.
  • Theft of Vehicles. Eleven executive vehicles were stolen from a motor trader’s showroom. The cleaners had been in to clean and had not re-activated the alarm on exiting the premises, voiding the theft section of the combined policy which contained an alarm warranty.

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