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As an independent Chartered insurance broker, we are committed to providing innovative and flexible solutions, backed by a personal and professional service and a dedicated claims service which we believe is second-to-none.


Did you know…?

As the largest property broker outside London and a UK Top 50 Broker*, we offer bespoke policies written on a case-by-case basis.

* Post Magazine, July 2016.


Property Insurance covers you may benefit from include:

  • Contract Works Insurance
  • Directors and Officers
  • Engineering Inspection
  • Environmental Impairment Liability
  • International Insurance
  • Latent Defects
  • Legal Expenses
  • Legal Indemnity
  • Loss of Rent
  • Material Damage
  • Office
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Property Owners
  • Terrorism
  • Transactional Insurance


Contract Works Insurance

An Owner Controlled Insurance Program (OCIP) is an insurance policy held by a property owner during the construction or renovation of a property, which is typically designed to cover all loss or damage to the new works.

Benefits from Reich:

  • Superb A-rated insurers and access to Lloyds for high-risk projects
  • ­­We have a high limit under our Branded Wording where we insure buildings - Contact us for more detail
  • Flexible policy conditions
  • Extensions available such as Delay Start Up.


Directors and Officers

In this current litigious era, this covers the Directors of the business against claims in a personal capacity from say Shareholders, JV Partners etc.

Benefits from Reich:

  • Underwritten by ZC
  • Rated on buildings
  • No prop form
  • Very competitive rates.

Engineering Inspection

Lifting equipment (lifts) and pressure equipment (boilers) by law require bi-annual inspections. We can arrange this for you. Failure to do so leaves you in breach of H&S legislation and open to prosecution by the HSE.

Benefits from Reich:

  • Underwritten by ZRE
  • Delegate Inspection Authority
  • Sudden & Unforeseen damage
  • LOI £500,000
  • Specialist Real Estate wording
  • Can include loss of rent etc.


Environmental Impairment Liability

If you cause damage to the environment, you can be prosecuted, fined and required to re-establish back to baseline – an expensive business!

Benefits from Reich:

  • We have a strong relationship with Chubb – specialists in this area
  • Legislation and Local Authority powers are in place
  • We also expect lenders to start insisting on this cover.


Latent Defects

  • 10 years NHBC-type cover for your new building or refurbishment.

Benefits from Reich:

  • BLP, Premier Guarantee, Checkmate, NHBC, Buildzone, CRL, Build Assure and Q policies
  • Commercial or residential
  • New build, conversions and fit outs.


Legal Expenses

Contract disputes; possession of your property will incur legal costs. This policy is there to assist you.

Benefits from Reich:

  • Underwritten by DAS, No prop forms
  • Very competitive premium based on annual rent
  • Includes tax investigation, lease disputes, commercial property and contractual disputes
  • Can be extended to include residential rent protection for additional premium.


Legal Indemnity

Please click here to view our dedicated Legal Indemnity page.

Benefits from Reich:

  • All types of cover including defective title, warranties etc
  • Exclusive access to Zurich, Aviva and Countrywide.



Provides cover for your office contents.

Benefits from Reich:

  • We also have the ability to place the offices covers you need, no matter what the size, with access to all the main insurers
  • Low cover AND cheap premiums.


Professional Indemnity for Property Owners

Please click here to view our dedicated Professional Indemnity page.

Benefits from Reich:

  • Short proposal form - 2 pages with only basic information required
  • Good wording
  • Flexible limits of Indemnity and excesses
  • Will include estate agency and valuation work, as well as investment advice.


Property Owners

Buildings, rent and POL cover.

Benefits from Reich:

  • Own exclusive wording with main carriers
  • Residential wording with LV - widest available
  • Extensions include Contract Works, eviction of squatters and damage by persons legally on the premises
  • Other on-line facilities available such as AXA simple, APC and Stride
  • We can access Lloyds Brokers, Howden, Incepta and Carroll London Markets
  • We operate a number of exclusive scheme which give us products and rates that aren’t available anywhere else in the market
  • We also have Lloyds cover holder status meaning we can access the best products/terms from the Lloyds market for those risks more difficult to place.


We can provide a specialist product underwritten at Lloyds, with wide and flexible cover and competitive premiums.

Benefits from Reich:

  • 90% of clients buy TE cover as either a lease or lender requirement
  • New facility in Lloyds led by Antares.

Transactional Insurance

Situations where M&A insurance may be advantageous to either the seller or the buyer in a deal include:

  • Release of capital
  • Gain a competitive advantage
  • Protects sale proceeds
  • Sale by distressed seller
  • Management buy out financed with aid of private equity
  • Meeting internal deal requirements
  • Seller's awareness
  • Transferring risk of breach of "difficult" warranties


For further information on the above policies or for a quote on something a little more niche, contact the Property team today:


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